Converting a Word Document to Markdown

In order to convert word documents to markdown format I use Pandoc a universal document converter Install pandoc via homebrew and then convert a word document to markdown. brew install »

RPi Zero - headless mode

I received my first RPi Zero yesterday, I was super stoked, but only had time to open it today. This will be a multi-part tutorial on my findings and setups. »

Install Parallels tools on Ubuntu server guest

These instructions should work with 16.04 and 14.04 Select the VM, goto Actions --> Install Parallels Tools.. If you would like to manually load the tools, the location »

Reset ghost user account

Ghost blog by default uses the sqlite database. If you have 3 failed login attempts the system sets your account to disabled, I forgot my password so had to unlock »

How To Setup Node.js - Ubuntu

Introduction. I have noticed a lot of tutorials out there, however I assume most of them are written by devs, and don't have a lot of security in mind. This »